the first virtual insulin
therapy assistant

enable the users to properly inject the insulin

We bring a virtual nurse with patients all the time, to fully assist them for their daily up to 4 insulin shots.

the issue

150 million people worldwide require insulin treatment. Although insulin therapy is initiated in hospitals by specialized nurses and doctors and all patients are properly trained, later on, 98% insulin users will do it incorrectly.

This leads to inefficiency of insulin treatment and diabetes complications (Cardiac arrest, dislipidemia, renal insufficiency and dialysis, stroke, retinopathy, blindness and progressive liver disease etc.)


By real time abdominal evaluation, InsulLoc indentifies the right injection sites and guides the pen holding hand’s movement right into the bulleyes.

It also memorize and make a registry containing all the past injection sites by age, reaction, redness, inflama-
tion, etc

Plus a vocal assistant for the so many vision impaired diabetics.

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